Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most highly speculated gadgets from the esteemed Koream mobile handset manufacturer. The smartphone looks truly impressive with its super sleek design and a huge host of brilliant high tech features. The product dimension is 5.38” by 2.75” by .31”- around 130g of weight. Are you interested for further knowledge on Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, the post below is all about the features of the latest smartphone from the Asian cell phone giant.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with 2 cameras (at the front & back) to present the users with incredible snaps. You are allowed to pick from a wide range of shot styles. The great part is that the snaps captured by the Galaxy S4 come all alive with audio effects. Drama shot is one of the distinct feature of the new smartphone from the Korean brand. With Drama Shot, the user can take up series of snaps in a single frame that creates up a beautiful collage presenting a beautiful story sequence for you. The Super AMOLED High Definition whopping 5” screen display makes the screen view more vivid and vibrant.

It’s said that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be your most trusted aide when you are out exploring the foreign lands. The smartphone has been engineered to act as an authentic translator ensuring easy communication in an alien place. The phone supports several major languages such as German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Chinese. Besides, the new smartphone is also noted for its infra-red blaster presence on top. It allows the user to control his satellite box, TV, amp, DVD player & even AC.

Then, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is able to track your daily intake, workouts & weight levels. The phone can be used to monitor your health & progress. The smartphone comes with four manual and seven automatic modes which confirms maximum viewing experience. It can also adapt sound for you, maintaining perfect volume with right balance, customized as per your needs. The phone has a huge 1TB storage capacity that can store volumes of videos and pictures for you.